For my work, I must possess a complete knowledge of human form & also a deep feeling for every aspect of it

Master Craftsman

Portraits to last generations

bronze sculptures

Capturing the human spirit 

happy clients


  • "Brilliant portrait artist" was how the press described Luke Shepherd

    Livewire Magazine

  • You have done an amazing job of capturing Aram. It's a wonderful piece of work. 
    You have really captured his serenity, warmth and dignity.

    David Kennedy Hebden Bridge

  • Thank you for your wonderful bust, the likeness of which is extraordinary.

    The late the RT. Hon. Viscount Tonypandy

  • Thank YOU - so very much - for the most brilliant course ever!

    Griselda Appleton

  • Can't thank you enough. Love everything about it -- the look, the feel, the inscription,

    David juliano Florida USA

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art teaching as it used to be

inspired by nature

Sculpture in bronze & clay

If my work 
is done well
resemblance appears 
of it's own accord.

Antoine Bourdelle

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