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A practical introduction & a solid foundation in 3D portraiture.

Portrait sculpture courses are practical, perception and anatomy based and designed to get you further towards understanding what you see. You will be learning the whole time.

Each studio session is designed to help you uncover and learn sculpture techniques and sculpture skills. Tuition will be both group orientated, but also tailored to your your individual needs.

I hope you will leave brimming with as much knowledge as I can pass on with the intention of giving you the confidence to successfully undertake a portrait commission of your own.
Video #1

Learning 3-D Language through Sculpture

You have as much talent for teaching as you do for sculpture and I’m guessing that’s pretty rare

JC Nottingham

Video #2

Sculpture: Language and Perception

Most people I see teaching start with a big lump of clay that is then modified. This is OK only if your eye is extremely accurate. I prefer to work where every piece of clay added has a reason and is accurate right from the start. This builds up an interlocking framework or layer of structure that doesnt need to be modified, only refined. Each subsequent perceptual layer is added without going backwards to re arrange the structure. This builds accuracy right from the start. Luke Shepherd

Course dates for 2019

Portrait Modelling: 13th - 16th June 2019
Venue: Druidstone, Ashburton, Devon
Portrait Modelling: 8th-11th August 2019
Venue: Druidstone, Ashburton, Devon
Silicone Mould Making & Bronze Resin Casting
Date and venue to be arranged
About courses


Portrait Modelling. Making a good head in sculpture is very satisfying. Each studio session is crafted to help you uncover an understanding of the subtleties of the human form. This carefully structured 4-day sculpture class builds on your ability and offers you key techniques and protocols that will give you confidence. The masterclass is limited to 12 participants and suitable for professional as well as novice sculptors, as tuition will be individually tailored to suit your requirements.

Silicon Mould Making & Resin Bronze Casting. The course is designed to give all the technical info and experience needed to get you confident about making your own silicone rubber moulds. 

We will look specifically at the choice and use of materials, deciding on the dividing line, ensuring the mould is keyed well and dealing with undercuts.

5-days is only a start, but you get a solid foundation, you will work on your own sculpture and see other peoples' moulds develop and the different ways to tackle different problems that present in each individual piece of sculpture etc.

A sculpture can look fantastic in resin-bronze. But it has to be done well and there are many aspects that cannot easily be learned from books or video. 3-days to mould, and 2 -days to cast and patinate your own piece.
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Where is it?


Portrait Modelling courses are held adjacent to my sculpture studio in Ashburton in a large marquee.

Last year I bought the marquee for Satya's 60th birthday party, so now putting it to work!
Mould Making and Casting courses are held at in the art studios at Sands School, Ashurton, Devon
Sands School.
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About courses

Course objectives

Portrait Modelling. The portrait bust represents one of the most challenging tasks for the sculptor. The aim of the course is to train ways of seeing that develop perception of 3-D form. Using the portrait bust as the vehicle, you will uncover a complex understanding of the subtleties of the human architecture.

Throughout the course you will focus on method and procedure in a pragmatic approach that enables each stage of perception to be readily grasped.

Measuring and anatomical proportions:
Develop acute observation through stages of perception
Building an armature with different methods of construction
Going beyond knowledge of the human anatomy

Learning to close the gap between what is observed and what can be reproduced
*Creating a likeness:
*Working to commission
*Bringing the clay to life
*Knowing when to stop
*Rescuing a disaster
*Silicon Mould Making. 

A practical and technically based course where you learn to make a mould of your own work and explore mould making problems and how to overcome them. Max dimension 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

Resin Bronze Casting. Getting it right. Casting your own work and learning to patinate using the hot flame method.
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About courses

Working Procedure

Portrait Modelling. The 4-day course is divided into 8 periods of sustained clay modelling. These are interspersed with relevant lectures and discussions. The skills used each day will be built upon in subsequent days, so that a protocol is developed that proceeds from the simple to the complex, from the external forms to the subtle details.

Each day will focus on specific aims and objectives in rendering a life-like portrait bust, with demonstrations and lectures covering style in sculpture, sculptural language and aesthetics.

The course concludes with a critique of the work and an assessment of what has been learned. 
The heads are prepared for firing, for later collection.

Silicon Mould Making & Resin Bronze Casting . The 5-day course is structured to both practically make a silicon-mould and to have supportive lectures and demonstrations about problem solving in mould-making.
The 2-day Bronze Resin Casting course gives you time to learn the essential skills of bronze resin-casting to make the work look like bronze. Other materials are also explored and hot patination is an important part of the course.
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Portrait Modeling
4 day Courses include all materials
clay fired head,
simple lunch and refreshments.
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Silicon Mould Making & Bronze Resin Casting
5 day Courses
includes refreshments
Materials ARE NOT
included in the price of this course.
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We offer 5% if you bring a friend who books with you
Also there is 5% discount when booking a 2nd course in same year.
5% Previous Participants. MAS, Devon Guild and WPA Members. Aslo there is a 5% Early Bird Bookings 2 months before start date.
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Food & Accommodation

A simple soup and salad lunch is provided on the portrait courses. All courses are within a short walking distance of shops and cafes.

Refreshments on all courses are provided throughout the day and include a range of teas, the best coffee, herbal drinks and snacks.
Accommodation is not included in the cost of the course. If you would like recommendation with choosing your accommodation in South Devon I will be happy to help and forward you links to accommodation sites. 

Please let me know well in advance, as the best places are in demand in school holidays.
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Getting started

For detailed information

Please  EMAIL me for 4-pages of detailed information about the Portrait Modelling course.

In fact please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information or to talk about the suitability of the courses for you.

I am also able to offer the option of running a course privately in your own studio if you would like to discuss that possibility. 

I also do 1-1 work the form of personal mentoring if that is of interest.
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